St. Ann - St. Joseph Pastoral Council Minutes

St. Ann - St. Joseph Pastoral Council Minutes


St. Ann-St. Joseph Church

Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes

January 10, 2019


Meeting opened with a prayer by Father Moser

Father Moser called the meeting to order at 7:00pm

Roll Call

            Present: Father Moser, Mary Ann Kelly, Steve Manning, Charlie Berns, Jr., Peggy Berns (secretary) and Donna Saddler (ex officio)

            Excused: Nita Grangaard, Tom Diggins, and Pat Cota

            Guests: None


            Minutes from the October 16th meeting were reviewed along with minutes from November 14th and December 10th special meetings. Motion to accept minutes by Mary Ann, second by Charlie, motion passed; minutes approved


  1. Building & Grounds Pat Cota/Tom Diggins (Father)
  • There are a couple locks that need to be looked at. Dining hall door
  • Lighting at ambo – try LED bulbs. Charlie to look into.
  • Mold & air quality testing update needed from Tom. Peggy will email Tom.
  • Per verbal discussion with Tom the air testing company indicated the result form the 2nd testing does not warrant re-cleaning by Service Master. Tom stated basement air quality should be re-tested in the spring.
  1. Faith Formation Commission Father Moser/Sheila Diggins
  • No report
  1. Finance Steve Manning/Peggy Berns
  • December financial report along with July-December income and expenses reviewed by committee. Motion to accept by Donna; seconded by Mary Ann; Approved
  • 2017 Contribution Sheets along with a letter requesting donations towards the basement repairs to be handed out at weekend Mass; remaining to be mailed.
  • Rosary Society will transfer $2,500 toward basement. Will transfer more depending on donation response from parishioners.
  1. Liturgy Mary Ann Kelly
  • At January 10th meeting discussed the need for more servers and liturgical ministers. Donna will speak with Dan Conway family; S. Karabatsos will be a server if needed.
  • Help with Christmas decorations was well received.
  • Birthday parties for Father Moser planned
  • January 26th after Wexford 5:30pm Mass w/card party and meal
  • January 27th after Lansing 10:00am Mass w/meal
  • Next meeting: March 14th
  1. Parish Life Nita Grangaard
  • No report
  1. Social Justice
  • Catholic Forester donation bags and adopt a family for Christmas had a good response
  • January Act of Kindness – Catholic Worker House, La Crosse Wisconsin
  1. Stewardship Charlie Berns, Jr.
  • Met January 4th ; Brother Steward insert in bulletin twice a month
  • Next meeting February 1st
  1. Pastoral Father Moser
  • National Catholic Youth Conference (NCYC) held November 21st-24th – Holy Family of the Bluffs has 13 youth and 4 chaperones signed up to attend. Will have a youth speaking at weekend Mass. Selling tickets for January 31st soup/sandwich fundraiser.
  • Joint Pastoral Council Meeting January 14th @ Wexford
  • Anointing of the sick at Mass February 9th and 10th
  • Youth outing to Mt. La Crosse February 10th
  • Holy Hour at St. Ann-St. Joseph February 13th
  • Confirmation Retreat in Lansing February 17th
  • Ash Wednesday Mass in St. Ann-St. Joseph March 6th
  • Holy Thursday Mass; may have 2 Masses. Seder meal Harpers turn – Donna to visit w/Father, Rosary Society, confirmation class & Brigid Cota
  1. Rosary Society Donna Saddler
  • Reviewed quarterly report
  • Letter from Helping Services on National Mentoring Month. Donna to pass letter on to Wilma Brazell or Tom Diggins

New Business

  • Tree limb removal before 2019 mowing season

Next Meeting

  • Tuesday, April 2nd at 7p.m.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m. with a prayer


Peggy Berns, Secretary





St. Ann–St. Joseph Church Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes

May 7, 2018

Meeting opened with a prayer by Father Moser.

Tom Diggins called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.

Roll Call

Present: Tom Diggins, Steve Manning, Julie Cota, Donna Saddler (ex officio), Pat Cota,

Charlie Berns Jr., Father Moser, and Peggy Berns (secretary & treasurer)

Excused: None

Guests:  None


Minutes for the previous meeting reviewed.  Motion to accept minutes by Steve,

second by Pat, motion passed.


Building & Grounds                               Pat Cota/Tom Diggins

+ Entrance ramp to be completed in the Spring; on Leland’s list

+ Stevenson Tree Repair indicated treatment is good yet this year; will assess trees

          next year.

+ Water in basement after recent rains has to do with down spouts on east side of

          church; will be looking into trenching in drain tiles w/pop-up release valve.

+ Pat got a quote from Decorah Mobile Glass to rekey six locks for $350.00.

          He will check on doing the same for faith formation door.  Ask about

          numbering the keys and putting “do not duplicate” on them.  Peggy will create

          a spreadsheet to document who has keys.  Will have 12 keys made.

+ Dave Cota replaced security lights in basement.

+ Tom contacted Bernie Gruman to sketch basement for evacuation plans with Daniel;

          Tom will get frames for finished sketches.

Faith Formation Commission                  Father Moser/Sheila Diggins

# Last faith formation class will be May 9.

# Catechist appreciation dinner on Wednesday, May 23 in St. Ann – St. Joseph

          Parish Hall; social hour begins 6:30pm.

# Member nominations in April; election in May – 1 member going off this year.

# Graduation Mass is May 12.

Finance Council                                     Steve Manning/Peggy Berns

Report review by committee.  Motion to accept by Julie; seconded by Charlie.

          Motion carried.

Liturgy Committee                                 Pat Cota

Father Donald Hawes 65th Jubilee Mass on July 1 at Wexford.  Looking for tables &

          chairs – Pat is checking with HF fire department.

Parish Life                                              Julie Fossum

+ Senior Mass will be Saturday, May 12 w/reception after Mass. Seniors are

          Landon Berns and Bailey Mathis.

+ No First communicants in Harpers this year.

Social Justice Committee                        Tom Diggins

No report - next meeting is on June 14

Stewardship Committee                          Charlie Berns Jr.

No report - next meeting is on May 11

Pastoral                                                  Father Moser

# Zip (Ralph) Cota service on Saturday, May 19.

# Msgr. Cletus Hawes and Father Donald will celebrate Mass in Harpers Ferry

          on Memorial Day.

# Chicago Loyola students attend “Pilgrimage” on June 23 - 29.  Participants will

          stay at St. Pius.

# Mission Coop Appeal will be on July 7 and 8 with Father Peter Fernandes, sfx.

# La Crosse Loggers game day is August 5.

# Lansing Fish Days will be August 10 - 12.

# Father wants to stress summer hospitality by greeters getting to church earlier to

          greet church members & guests.

Rosary Society                                       Donna Saddler

+ Reviewed quarterly report.

+ Summerfest is scheduled for Sunday, July 15.

+ Rummage sale scheduled for October 12 & 13.

Old/Unfinished Business

No report

New Business

Council Elections held on weekend of May 19 and 20; Voting for 2 members for 3-year

              terms and one member for a 1-year term to finish out a position of a member

              who resigned.

Next Meeting                                              Monday, June 25 at 7pm.

Meeting adjourned at 7:55pm.

Peggy Berns, Secretary




St. Ann – St. Joseph Church

Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes

October 15, 2016

Father Moser opened with a prayer

Pat Cota called the meeting to order at 5:10 pm

Roll Call

Present:  Pat Cota, Charlie Berns Jr., Julie Fossum, Mike Quillin, Father Moser, Donna Saddler (ex officio), and Peggy Berns (secretary & treasurer)

Not Present:  Tom Diggins and Steve Manning

Guests:  Diane Quillin


Minutes for the previous meeting reviewed.  Motion to accept minutes with change made by Julie, second by Charlie, motion passed


  1.  Building & Grounds                                         Pat Cota/Tom Diggins

  • Gentleman from Decorah will give estimate to repair ash trees on the east side of the church.  One tree will need to be removed.  Treatment is a three year process.

  • Step railings should be complete by Monday.

  • Pat will paint step edges.

  1. Faith Formation Commission                             Father Moser/Sheila Diggins

  • Year started with mass with Msgr Cletus and Father Donald.

  • Blessing of Pets on October 1st with Msgr Cletus.

  1.  Finance                                                           Steve Manning/Peggy Berns

  • September income and expenses reviewed.  Motion by Mike seconded by Julie to accept financial report; motion passed.

  • Upcoming expenses:  Step repair and Taxa

  1. Liturgy                                                              Pat Cota

  • Outdoor mass August 31st had good attendance.

  • Suggestion to move location or have priest toward the back of the church due to the sun.

  1. Parish Life                                                        Julie Fossum

  • Advanced directive meeting September 14th went well and had good speakers.

  1. Social Justice                                                    Tom Diggins

  • Winter closing drive planned.

  1. Stewardship                                                     Charlie Berns

  • Packets handed out to council.

  • Sister Lynn with pizza party for participants on October 26th.  Extended invite to council members to join and/or help serve.

  1. Pastoral                                                            Father Moser

  • Thank you for prayers while on vacation.

  • Upcoming memorial mass for Father Schmidt.

  • Attended workshop on finances.

  • Thank you for parishioner help at St. Pius’ Fall Festival.

  • Winter mass schedule has been set.

  1. Rosary Society                                                 Donna Saddler

  • 3rd quarter report reviewed along with rummage/bake sale report.

  • Oven in kitchen not working properly.

  • Kitchen sink faucet is beyond repair.

Old/Unfinished Business

  • No report

New Business

  • Snow Removal; Dave Williams will do this.

  • Signs for bathroom location.  Location to be clearly marked; suggestion to have sign at both church entrances.

Next Meeting

Saturday, January 14, 2017 after 4pm mass

Agenda – Hall Flooring

Motion to adjourn meeting by Julie, seconded by Charlie.  Father closed with a prayer at 5:50 p.m.

Peggy Berns, Secretary