Immaculate Conception, Lansing & St. Joseph, New Albin, F.F.C Minutes

Faith Formation Commission Minutes

I.C. Lansing & St. Joseph, New Albin

August 13, 2019

  1. l) Meeting called to order by Dan Mattson (Chair). Father led us in prayer.
  2. ll) Roll Call of Members
  3. Members present:  Father Moser, Dan Mattson, Hannah Steiber, Dolly Boland, Gertie Monat, Phillip Hammell, Noelle Mohn, Joan Reburn.
  4. Members absent excused:  Laura Connelly & Jill  Luttchens

Motion was made to approve May 14 minutes.  Dolly Boland 1st. and Hannah Steiber 2nd.

Reports from Father:  An Ad has been put on Facebook and Website for a new Faith Formation Leader.  The CCD on-site cooridinator for Harpers Ferry is Bridget Cota and for Lansing it is Denise Mauss.  A few calls have been made to recruit catechists.  There will be an August birthday blessing at all parishes this coming weekend, Aug. 17 & 18. The following week-end, Aug. 24 & 25, there will be a blessing for all students, teachers, administrators, and  school staff.  Catechist  In-Services will be held on Wed., Aug. 28,and Tues.,  Sept. 3.  Faith Formation “Kick-Off” event will be Wed.,  Sept. 4.  Registration at the school gym (west of I. C. Church, Lansing) begins at 5:45 pm.  Prayer Service for all students, catechists, parents, leaders, and faith formation supporters at 6:00 pm.  Registration will continue after Prayer Service until 8:00 pm.   Open Gym during this “Kick Off” event.   A request to help in recruiting  new catechists was made.  The 2018-19 Budget figures will be finalized soon.  A more complete financial report will be available at next meeting. Youth Ministry – A letter was read from Mandy O’Neill.   NCYC dates are Nov. 21 – 24.  There are 14 students & 6 chaperones from HFB.  A family night will be held while NCYC group are at the conference.  Live streaming of group will take place. 

RCIA – Visited with 1 person.

Curriculum goals & concerns were discussed.  Leaders Gram was unavailable.

New Business – New officers were elected:  Dolly Boland – Chairperson

                                                                                   Noelle Mohn – Vice Chairperson

                                                                                   Jill Luttchens – Secretary

                                                                                        Dolly Boland – Liaison for New Albin

                                                                                        Gertie Monat – Liaison for Lansing

Meeting adjourned at 8:10.  Next meeting on Tuesday, September 10, at 7 pm in Chapel of St. Bernadette @ IC Lansing.

Joan Reburn, Secretary




Faith Formation Commission Minutes

I.C. Lansing & St. Joseph, New Albin

November 13, 2018

  1. l) Meeting called to order by Dan Mattson (Chair) with prayer.
  2. ll) Roll Call of members
  3. Members present:  Dan Mattson, Rita Mooney (FFL), Hannah Steiber, Julie Rethwisch,   Cheryl Garin, Jill Luttchens, Dolly Boland, Joan Reburn.
  4. Members absent excused:  Laura Connelly & Father Moser

Bible Study is continuing with Alberta Wolf on Fridays.

lll) Comments from Rita:  Catholic Order of Foresters and HFB Faith Formation are joining together to “Feed & Clothe God’s Children”.  All collected items will benefit the LIFT Food Pantry (Lansing) and other local charities.   Budget report was reviewed.  On Wed., Nov. 28th, all Faith Formation classes will participate in the “Protection of Children” class.  On Wed., Dec. 19th, FF classes will be celebrating Jesus’ Birthday, parents are invited.  Reconciliation will be in Lansing on Dec. 5th and on Jan. 9 in Harpers Ferry.  Confirmation class is busy with Holy Spirit projects.  Mandy O’Neil e-mailed a youth ministry update.  Today was spent in Waverly to attend a conference for FFL’s.

Leaders Gram was read.

RCIA:  One member, Shiho Mauss.

Meeting adjourned @ 7:20.  Next meeting on Jan. 8th at 7:00 pm in the  Faith Formation Center.

Joan Reburn, Secretary