I.C. Lansing Pastoral Council Minutes


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Immaculate Conception Catholic Church

I.C. Pastoral Council Minutes

Monday, August 26th, 2019, 7:00 PM Church Hall 

  1. Prayer
  2. Roll call: Present:  Bill O’Connor, Peter Berns, Erica Krause-Wagner, Marylu Baker, Stan Schwartzhoff, Pat Wager

Absent: Father John Moser, Matt Wager

  • Minutes from the Previous meeting approved July 22nd 2019.

We will begin giving a report after mass to notify the parish what is going on once per month.

  1. Reports:
  2. Spiritual/Administrative: Father was not present for report.
  3. Faith formation: Report read by Bill O'Connor from Dan Mattson. (copy available)
  4. Social justice: Discussion if layettes are going to continue? There are 2 parishioners at Immaculate Conception parish that have been very involved in the creation of layettes. These 2 parishioners may continue or may not continue on the social justice committee, however even without continuation on the committee layettes may still be provided.
  5. Parish life: Suggestion was made by Marylu to pass out Raffle tickets in a different manner,she also suggested having a game with a monetary prize at fall festival, this must be approved by father.
  6. Stewardship: Pat will contact Rita Heim regarding some questions. (regretfully, writer did not document the content of the questions.)
  7. Buildings and Grounds: Peter spoke with Don , working on the exhaust fan in the church kitchen, that is felt it should remain open, the fan needs cleaning.

The glass door going out of the religious education building needs a commercialized door. Bill spoke with Lansing Housing, they state they cannot fix the door, Vantage Architect is going to be contacted, Decorah Doors cannot fix the door either.

Stan brought to our attention the extra outlets that may be necessary in the carry out room. The breakers are tripping often.

  • Finance council: Bill gave report . See Bill for specifics and or attachment . Bill stated that financials need to be completed on a more timely fashion. Question was posed who completes them.It was noted that salary costs and occupancy costs were higher this year period the budget was mailed. Capital campaign was discussed briefly , nothing more completed with the capital campaign.
  • Liturgy: discussion about coordinating gift bearers, father will talk with Judy Steiber to get this scheduled possibly, we would like to see the server and greeter schedules on line.
  • Deanery council: nothing to report

Old business:

  • Youth ministry :Mandy O'Neill will continue for the year, continued fund raising for NCYC , one of the first gatherings for those already confirmed will occur on September 11th 2019 at 6:30 in the parish Hall. Potluck and games after. Will discuss further opportunities for youth ministry and involvement at that gathering.
  • 2019 parish goals: outreach to grieving and homebound directed by the social justice committee, appears to still be in the planning phase.
  • Faith Formation director: new hire timer father is continuing to seek out a strong candidate .
  • Monthly report to perish of pastoral council's deliberations and decisions planned . First report scheduled this weekend. Agendas and Minutes will be posted on the church bulletin boards for all parishioners to see.
  • Fall Festival planning: Marylou spoke on some of her new ideas for this year's fall festival earlier in the meeting recap occurred at this time.
  • Really old business:
  • Funeral directors Holy Family of the Bluffs brochure on funeral planning, liturgy, guidelines and suggested stipends.
  • Chapel video screening: no discussion
  • Donuts and coffee after mass: idea liked by some , not by all


  • New business:
  1. Scheduling: Judy Stieber may be taking on the Responsibility of scheduling younger families and young children as gift bearers

It was discussed that greeters schedules be completed farther out than one month similar to other liturgical ministers schedules , it would help in finding substitutes if necessary.

  1. Glass repair: the courtyard door has already been discussed earlier in the minutes.
  • Church matters: very brief discussion about the role of Immaculate Conception parish in our lives and in our parish community, the relevance, issues, attitudes, engagement and action. How can the pastoral council spark vitality and relevance for church in our parish community? Not really addressed on August 26 2019.
  1. Adjournment: meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM , next meeting scheduled for September 23rd 2019.


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