HFB Social Justice


“Holy Family of the Bluffs” Social Justice Meeting

Minutes of February 14, 2019

Opening Prayer – led by Father Moser.

Members present: Nadine Steines, Connie Mettille, Marcella Hale, Karen Olson, Lynn O’Hara,

            and Marylu Baker.

Members excused: Mary Kernan, Kay Mettille, Myrna Colsch, Wilma Brazell, Pat Wellendorf, Cathy Wagner,

            Donna Johnson, and Nancy Hosch.

Father Moser apologized for the confusion regarding the meeting date and for not sending out

            his notes (minutes) from the last meeting.

Minutes and notes of November 15, 2018 meeting were read and approved.

Old Business:

     1 – Reaching out to shut-ins, homebound parishioners, and neighbors to provide food and visits.

            Lots of questions have arisen. The subcommittee met in January and plans to meet after conclusion

of this meeting; they will report at the next Social Justice meeting. Still unsure of what is the exact

purpose or goal of this new effort. Marylu Baker has been added to the subcommittee.

     2 – NICA Christmas Family Tree: Thank you to everyone who so generously took part in this.

     3 - “Feeding God’s Children” event was held on Wednesday, December 12. Connie Mettille reported that

            social justice committee members provided desserts for this event. The response was phenomenal

            from HFB to this effort; a large amount of food and clothes were collected by the Foresters.

     4 – LIFT is open in Lansing. Contact either Janice Rea or Karen Galema if you want to drop off items

           at another time besides when LIFT is open on Wednesday from 4 – 7 pm.

     5 – “Act of Kindness” collection – recent and future recipients were discussed.

January 2019               Place of Grace – Catholic Worker House in La Crosse

February 2019 Catholic Charities – Archdiocese of Dubuque

                                    Suggested or recommended

March 2019                Fuel Assistance

April 2019                   layettes - ACCW

*Kenyan “Freedom for Kids”     *Daughter of Pastor Sedar     *NCYC

            *LIFT                *splash pads [Harpers Ferry and Lansing]

*Lansing pool / summer rec programs     *cleaning of stones/monuments in Catholic cemeteries

            *after school program at libraries [Lansing and Harpers Ferry]

            *transportation costs of Permanent Diaconate candidate [Pat Wagner]

New Business:

     1 – Happy Birthday to Pat Wellendorf!

     2 – Prayer Chain    Question arose – why not create a HFB prayer chain rather than each

parish having their own individual prayer chain? Further discussion and comments at next meeting.

     3 – Closing Prayer – led by Father Moser             [Cookies were shared]

Next meeting:     Thursday, May 16, 2019     3:00pm     Chapel of St. Bernadette, Lansing

Meeting adjourned at 3:58pm.                      scribe: Father Moser


Social Justice Minutes, February 2, 2017

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