St. Ann - St. Joseph Pastoral Council Minutes

St. Ann - St. Joseph Pastoral Council Minutes

St. Ann–St. Joseph Church Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes

May 7, 2018

Meeting opened with a prayer by Father Moser.

Tom Diggins called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.

Roll Call

Present: Tom Diggins, Steve Manning, Julie Cota, Donna Saddler (ex officio), Pat Cota,

Charlie Berns Jr., Father Moser, and Peggy Berns (secretary & treasurer)

Excused: None

Guests:  None


Minutes for the previous meeting reviewed.  Motion to accept minutes by Steve,

second by Pat, motion passed.


Building & Grounds                               Pat Cota/Tom Diggins

+ Entrance ramp to be completed in the Spring; on Leland’s list

+ Stevenson Tree Repair indicated treatment is good yet this year; will assess trees

          next year.

+ Water in basement after recent rains has to do with down spouts on east side of

          church; will be looking into trenching in drain tiles w/pop-up release valve.

+ Pat got a quote from Decorah Mobile Glass to rekey six locks for $350.00.

          He will check on doing the same for faith formation door.  Ask about

          numbering the keys and putting “do not duplicate” on them.  Peggy will create

          a spreadsheet to document who has keys.  Will have 12 keys made.

+ Dave Cota replaced security lights in basement.

+ Tom contacted Bernie Gruman to sketch basement for evacuation plans with Daniel;

          Tom will get frames for finished sketches.

Faith Formation Commission                  Father Moser/Sheila Diggins

# Last faith formation class will be May 9.

# Catechist appreciation dinner on Wednesday, May 23 in St. Ann – St. Joseph

          Parish Hall; social hour begins 6:30pm.

# Member nominations in April; election in May – 1 member going off this year.

# Graduation Mass is May 12.

Finance Council                                     Steve Manning/Peggy Berns

Report review by committee.  Motion to accept by Julie; seconded by Charlie.

          Motion carried.

Liturgy Committee                                 Pat Cota

Father Donald Hawes 65th Jubilee Mass on July 1 at Wexford.  Looking for tables &

          chairs – Pat is checking with HF fire department.

Parish Life                                              Julie Fossum

+ Senior Mass will be Saturday, May 12 w/reception after Mass. Seniors are

          Landon Berns and Bailey Mathis.

+ No First communicants in Harpers this year.

Social Justice Committee                        Tom Diggins

No report - next meeting is on June 14

Stewardship Committee                          Charlie Berns Jr.

No report - next meeting is on May 11

Pastoral                                                  Father Moser

# Zip (Ralph) Cota service on Saturday, May 19.

# Msgr. Cletus Hawes and Father Donald will celebrate Mass in Harpers Ferry

          on Memorial Day.

# Chicago Loyola students attend “Pilgrimage” on June 23 - 29.  Participants will

          stay at St. Pius.

# Mission Coop Appeal will be on July 7 and 8 with Father Peter Fernandes, sfx.

# La Crosse Loggers game day is August 5.

# Lansing Fish Days will be August 10 - 12.

# Father wants to stress summer hospitality by greeters getting to church earlier to

          greet church members & guests.

Rosary Society                                       Donna Saddler

+ Reviewed quarterly report.

+ Summerfest is scheduled for Sunday, July 15.

+ Rummage sale scheduled for October 12 & 13.

Old/Unfinished Business

No report

New Business

Council Elections held on weekend of May 19 and 20; Voting for 2 members for 3-year

              terms and one member for a 1-year term to finish out a position of a member

              who resigned.

Next Meeting                                              Monday, June 25 at 7pm.

Meeting adjourned at 7:55pm.

Peggy Berns, Secretary




St. Ann – St. Joseph Church

Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes

October 15, 2016

Father Moser opened with a prayer

Pat Cota called the meeting to order at 5:10 pm

Roll Call

Present:  Pat Cota, Charlie Berns Jr., Julie Fossum, Mike Quillin, Father Moser, Donna Saddler (ex officio), and Peggy Berns (secretary & treasurer)

Not Present:  Tom Diggins and Steve Manning

Guests:  Diane Quillin


Minutes for the previous meeting reviewed.  Motion to accept minutes with change made by Julie, second by Charlie, motion passed


  1.  Building & Grounds                                         Pat Cota/Tom Diggins

  • Gentleman from Decorah will give estimate to repair ash trees on the east side of the church.  One tree will need to be removed.  Treatment is a three year process.

  • Step railings should be complete by Monday.

  • Pat will paint step edges.

  1. Faith Formation Commission                             Father Moser/Sheila Diggins

  • Year started with mass with Msgr Cletus and Father Donald.

  • Blessing of Pets on October 1st with Msgr Cletus.

  1.  Finance                                                           Steve Manning/Peggy Berns

  • September income and expenses reviewed.  Motion by Mike seconded by Julie to accept financial report; motion passed.

  • Upcoming expenses:  Step repair and Taxa

  1. Liturgy                                                              Pat Cota

  • Outdoor mass August 31st had good attendance.

  • Suggestion to move location or have priest toward the back of the church due to the sun.

  1. Parish Life                                                        Julie Fossum

  • Advanced directive meeting September 14th went well and had good speakers.

  1. Social Justice                                                    Tom Diggins

  • Winter closing drive planned.

  1. Stewardship                                                     Charlie Berns

  • Packets handed out to council.

  • Sister Lynn with pizza party for participants on October 26th.  Extended invite to council members to join and/or help serve.

  1. Pastoral                                                            Father Moser

  • Thank you for prayers while on vacation.

  • Upcoming memorial mass for Father Schmidt.

  • Attended workshop on finances.

  • Thank you for parishioner help at St. Pius’ Fall Festival.

  • Winter mass schedule has been set.

  1. Rosary Society                                                 Donna Saddler

  • 3rd quarter report reviewed along with rummage/bake sale report.

  • Oven in kitchen not working properly.

  • Kitchen sink faucet is beyond repair.

Old/Unfinished Business

  • No report

New Business

  • Snow Removal; Dave Williams will do this.

  • Signs for bathroom location.  Location to be clearly marked; suggestion to have sign at both church entrances.

Next Meeting

Saturday, January 14, 2017 after 4pm mass

Agenda – Hall Flooring

Motion to adjourn meeting by Julie, seconded by Charlie.  Father closed with a prayer at 5:50 p.m.

Peggy Berns, Secretary