St. Ann - St. Joseph & I.C. Wexford F.F.C. Minutes

St. Ann - St. Joseph & I.C. Wexford F.F.C. Minutes

Minutes of Faith Formation Commission

St. Ann-St. Joseph & Immaculate Conception (Wexford)

November 14, 2016


The Faith Formation Commission for St. Ann-St. Joseph and Immaculate Conception (Wexford) held a meeting at 7:00 PM on November 14, 2016 at St. Ann’s Church Hall.  In attendance were Rita Mooney, Bridget Cota, Peggy Berns, Sheila Diggins and Father Moser.

The meeting was called to order by Rita Mooney and Father Moser lead the group in prayer.

Father Moser spoke about the Jubilee Year of Mercy coming to a close this coming Sunday, November 20, the feast of Christ the King.  He said he would like to follow up with our own Family of the Bluffs activities this next year and he thought making it a year of prayer would be a good way to proceed and it could start with the Advent season.

The youth activities are off to a good start this year.  There was a pet blessing event that was well received and a group of students and teachers attended the Fields of Faith activity in Waukon.  The youth masses have started and the plan is to do 5 of these during the year.  On October 26, Sister Lynn Fangmanspoke at 2 sessions on stewardship.  The talk was very good and well received and well attended.  It promoted the growing unity and the sense of being part of Holy Family of the Bluffs Catholic Community.  It was also noted that the Confirmation class did the Faith, Hope and Charity Walk.  The National Catholic Youth Conference will be taking place in November 2017 in Indianapolis.  This is a great event for youth from all over the world and provides a big view of faith.  It would require fund raising to come up with the money to attend.  First Reconciliation will take place on November 30. There are 4 students from Harpers/Wexford preparing for this sacrament.

There is still a need for a catechist for 7th and 8th grade.  Currently with subs and other teachers taking on extra time, it is working out but it is not an ideal situation.  The splitting of costs for advent materials or other items needed for catechists was discussed.  The Harpers/Wexford split of tuition was discussed again at this meeting and clarification needs to be made as to Wexford’s portion. Also it was noted with new regulations cannot call what is paid to catechists a stipend, it is a flat rate according to the Department of Labor.

The archdiocese put out a Leader Gram regarding Advent with ideas on how to promote evangelization.

There is one person in the RCIA program and that is Lane Rich of Lansing and Father Moser reported it is going well.  He also said that this coming Thursday, the 17th a group of different churches are having an ecumenical service in New Albin.  There will be a funeral mass in Cherry Mound on Saturday for Kay Metille.  Also on December 21 the live nativity with lunch afterwards is taking place in Harpers.  We are encouraged to invite people to come.

The meeting ended with a closing prayer and adjourned at 8:20 PM.  The next meeting is April 3.