Immaculate Conception, Lansing & St. Joseph, New Albin, F.F.C Minutes

Immaculate Conception, Lansing & St. Joseph, New Albin, F.F.C Minutes

I.C. Lansing & St. Joseph, New Albin

Faith Formation Commission Minutes

September 12, 2017

  1. l) Meeting called to order by Dan Mattson with prayer.
  2. ll) Roll call of Members
  3. Members present: Dan Mattson (Chair), Rita Mooney (FFL), Father Moser, David Mitchell, Dolly Boland, Hannah Steiber, Joan Reburn
  4. Member absent-excused: Cheryl Garin 

                     Members absent – Julie Rethwisch and Barb Winters-Kelly

Motion was made to approve May 9, 2017 minutes.  David Mitchell 1st, Dolly Boland 2nd.  Motion was made to approve August 8, 2017 minutes.  Dolly Boland 1st, Hannah Steiber 2nd.

lll) Reports:  Comments from Father:  Alberta Wolf will be having a Bible Study starting on Oct. 13, entitled “The Prophets”.  A couple questions to be addressed:  1) Is there any connection between the Old Testament & New Testament? 2) Were the prophets talking about Jesus Christ?  Classes will be held in FFC @ I.C. Lansing on Fridays from 8:00 – 9:00a.m.  on Oct. 13 – Malachi; Oct. 20 – Zechariah; Oct. 27 – Haggai; Nov. 10 – Zepheniah; Nov. 17 – Habakkuk.  The traveling statue of Our Lady of Fatima has been at all parishes.  It will be taken to Thornton Manor on Thursday. 

Comments from Rita (FFL): Catechist for year 2017/2018 are:  Dan Mattson – 1st gr. / Rita Heim – 2nd gr. / Phillip Hammell – 3rd gr. / Marlene Duffy – 4th/5th gr. / Rebecca Mattson – 6th gr. / Cheryl Garin – 7th gr./ Steve & Dolly Boland – 8th / 9th gr. (confirmation).  Still looking for a Youth Minister for High School students.  Reviewed budget report.  Faith Formation classes @ I.C. start on Wed., Sept. 13, with a mass @ 6:00.  If there is time after mass, class will be held.  Theme for this school year is “Come Meet Jesus”. Class times 6:00 – 7:15.  Confirmation class will meet every Wednesday night the 1st year and twice a month the 2nd year.

Youth Ministry:  Discussion on NCYC in November.  FFC will plan an evening for families of NCYC group.  Prayer, TV live streaming, and a meal were discussed.

Leaders Gram:  Discussion was held.  Catechist will be recognized on Catechetical Sunday on Sept. 17.

Other business:  Dan Mattson nominated himself to be the liaison to the Pastoral Council @ I.C.  Dolly Boland nominated herself to be the liaison to the Pastoral Council @ St. Joseph, New Albin.  Motion was made, David Mitchell first, and Hannah Steiber second.  Changes have been made to the FF handbook.  On Oct. 11, Fields of Faith will be held at the Football Field in Waukon.  There will be 1 main speaker and students will also speak.  Grades 7-12 will be attending.  The FFC meetings will continue to be held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.

RCIA:  There has been 1 individual interested, but having a conflict with scheduling.

Motion was made to adjourn, Dolly Boland first, and Hannah Steiber second.  Meeting adjourned @ 8:00.  Next meeting @ I.C. Lansing @ 7 pm on October 10.