Immaculate Conception, Lansing & St. Joseph, New Albin, F.F.C Minutes

Immaculate Conception, Lansing & St. Joseph, New Albin, F.F.C Minutes


Faith Formation Commission Meeting Minutes

I.C. Lansing & St. Joseph, New Albin

May 8, 2018

l) Meeting called to order by Dan Mattson, Chair, with prayer.

ll) Roll Call of members
a. Members present: Father Moser, Dan Mattson, Rita Mooney, Cheryl Garin, Dolly Boland, Joan Reburn.
b. Members absent: Hannah Steiber, Julie Rethwisch, Barb Winters-Kelly
Motion was made to approve April 10, 2018 minutes. Dolly Boland 1st Cheryl Garin 2nd

lll) Comments from Father: Attended a presentation given by John Derryberry in Waukon on April 25. Deacon Pat Malanaphy joined us at the Sat. evening, May 5 masses. Rita has accepted another year as Faith Formation leader. There will be a blurb in the bulletin regarding RCIA. First Communion masses all went well. There will be Senior Masses this coming weekend in 3 parishes and in New Albin the following weekend.

lV) Comments from Rita: We have 4 catechists who have committed for the upcoming school year. Budget report was reviewed. HFB Altar Server and Lector training on Wed., May 16, in IC Lansing. Catechist Appreciation meal will be held in Harpers Ferry on May 23. Blue Mass was held on May 2 in IC Lansing to honor and thank all local police, firemen, and EMT’s. Tuition for FF students will be $75.00 per student. Consensus was to keep tuition the same. First Communion masses were held and all students did incredibly well. John Derryberry presentation was very worthwhile. A few “over the summer” projects: Revisions to handbook, Calendar for next years classes, and a Trip to “Our Lady of Guadalupe” shrine in LaCrosse.

Leaders Gram was discussed.

Other Business:

Father Moser stated: On May 19, “Act of Kindness” collection will be for the Eric Troendle Family. Dan Mattson thanked Rita for accepting the FF leader position again for this Fall.

Motion was made to adjourn, Dolly Boland 1st, Cheryl Garin 2nd.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45. Next meeting (informational)for FFC and new Members on June 12 @ 7:00 pm in the IC Faith Formation Center.
Joan Reburn, Secretary


Faith Formation Commission Agenda

 I.C. Lansing & St. Joseph, New Albin

June 12, 2018


  1. Meeting called to order by Dan Mattson, FFC Chair

               Opening Prayer

               Welcome new members:  Jill Luttchens and Laura Connelly

  1. Roll call of members.
  2. Approval of the minutes
  3. Agenda items:
  4. Comments from the pastor:
  5. Comments from the Faith Formation Leader: 
  6. Catechist Update:
  7. Budget report:
  8. Youth Ministry/Activities:
  9. Other:
  10. Leaders Gram:
  11. Other business:
  12. RCIA:

5.)  Meeting adjourned at _______________.