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LENT 2018

            Thank you for visiting our website.  We hope and pray that you can join us for Mass and be inspired by the spirit of God alive in “Holy Family of the Bluffs.”

            On February 14th we begin the season of Lent.  Why not spend the six weeks of Lent with the Saints?  PRAYER – the saints yearned for a deeper relationship with God and sought this through prayer.  They did not see it as an obligation, but as an essential part of their relationship with the Lord.  Model your prayer life after the saints by looking for the “small” moments available each day for prayer.  The saints teach us that the human soul cannot live without prayer.

            FASTING – a major part of our Lenten practice is fasting and abstinence.  The saints can teach us the benefits of self-denial and personal sacrifices.  All the saints practiced some form of self-denial, giving up something they enjoyed as a sign of their love for God.  Furthermore, by their example the saints teach us that making small sacrifices is good training for making larger sacrifices in our lives.  CHARITY/ALMSGIVING – we know that every charity needs financial funds and God is pleased whenever we reach into our pockets to donate to a good cause; therefore, consider increasing your gifts to charities during Lent.  Recall the Gospel story of the widow’s small coin – no amount is too small.  Many of the saints were involved in charitable activities; they saw Christ in the poor, the suffering and the needy.  St. Louise de Maurillac (1591-1660) told the young women she recruited to help her, the Daughters of Charity, “Love the poor, honor them, my children, as you would honor Christ himself.”

            May God bless you during the season of Lent and may you deepen your spiritual life.  My prayer is that the saints aid you in turning away from sin and responding with charity to the people around you who need your help; when Easter arrives you will have grown closer to becoming the saint Christ Jesus is calling you to be.

            Peace and joy, Father John Moser