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We are four linked Roman Catholic Parishes and one Oratory of the Archdiocese of Dubuque (Iowa) in the picturesque county of Eastern Allamakee along the beautiful Mississippi River....

Welcome to the parishes of....

Holy Family of the Bluffs


Holy Family of the Bluffs

Office Hours


Mass Times

Thursday, December 13
Thornton Manor 9:45am

Friday, December 14
Lansing 7:30am

Saturday, December 15
Harpers 4:00pm

Sunday, December 16
Wexford 7:30am
Lansing 9:00am
New Albin 10:30am

Monday, December 17
Wexford 8:00am
Lansing 4:00pm

Tuesday, December 18
New Albin 8:30am

Wednesday, December 19
Lansing 7:30am

Thursday, December 20
Thornton Manor 9:45am

Friday, December 21
Lansing 7:30am

Saturday, December 22
Harpers 4:00pm
Lansing 5:30pm

Sunday, December 23
Wexford 8:30am
New Albin 8:30am
Lansing 10:00am
Cherry Mound 7:30pm *Following the Mass there will be a social held in St. Pius Hall.*

What's Happening in HFB

ANNUAL Christmas Mass in St. Pius Oratory (Cherry Mound) Sunday, December 23 @ 7:30pm

ANNUAL Mass in St. Pius Oratory (Cherry Mound) Sunday, December 23 @ 7:30pm

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Father Bernard Grady celebrated 50th Jubilee on September 23

On Sunday, September 23 Father Bernard Grady celebrated his 50th Jubilee as a priest ... Read More »

Fall 2018

            Thank you for visiting our website.  We hope and pray that you can ... Read More »


Holy Family of the Bluffs




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Saint of the Day

St. Adelaide

Born in 931 in Burgundy, France as the daughter of King Rudolph II of Burgundy, Adelaide was promised in marriage when she was only two years old, to a man named Lothaire, the son and heir of his enemy, Hugh of Provence.Lothaire was killed when still young, and Adelaide was to have a tumultuous life that paralleled the struggle for political power of the times, something she had come to symbolize.Having been sought after by various kings and nobles after Lothaire’s death, she was finally married by Otho the Great of Germany, who had invaded Italy.When Adelaide and Otho’s son,  the Emperor Otho II died, his son Otho III, only a child at the time, became emperor. In 991, Adelaide was invested as the Regent of the Empire, and she used her power as the effective empress to increase evangelization efforts, especially in northern Europe, and built many monasteries and churches, and also gave much aid the poor.She died in 999 at the monastery of Seltz, Alsace, and was canonized in 1097 by Pope Urban II.

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