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We are four linked Roman Catholic Parishes and one Oratory of the Archdiocese of Dubuque (Iowa) in the picturesque county of Eastern Allamakee along the beautiful Mississippi River....

Welcome to the parishes of....

Holy Family of the Bluffs


Holy Family of the Bluffs

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Monday, June 11
Wexford No Mass
Lansing 4:00pm

Tuesday, June 12
New Albin 8:30am

Wednesday, June 13
Lansing 7:30am

Thursday, June 14
Thorton Manor 9:45am

Friday, June 15
Lansing 7:30am

Saturday, June 16
Harpers 4:00pm
Lansing 5:30pm

Sunday, June 17
Wexford 7:30am
New Albin 9:00am

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Holy Family of the Bluffs




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Saint of the Day

St. Alban

St. Alban was the first Christian martyr in Britain during the early 4th century. He is the patron saint of converts and torture victims. Although he was not a man of faith, St. Alban was very hospitable and compassionate. As a soldier, he sheltered a persecuted priest, Amphibalus, during a time when Christians were being put to death in Britain. The priest's faith and piety struck St. Alban, as well as his dedication to prayer.Alban soon converted to Christianity.In an effort to help the priest escape, he switched clothes with him. But Alban was caught and ordered to renounce his faith. St. Alban refused to worship idols, and when asked to state his name, answered “My name is Alban, and I worship the only true and living God, who created all things.For his refusal to deny his beliefs, he was to be tortured and beheaded. The person first selected to execute Alban heard his testimony and converted on the spot. After refusing to kill Alban, he was executed as well.A number of other conversions are claimed to have happened thanks to the witness of St. Alban’s martyrdom, specifically on behalf of spectators of his execution. Finally, when the priest learned that Alban was arrested in his place, he turned himself in, hoping to save Alban’s life. But that wasn’t the case. The priest was killed as well. St. Alban’s Cathedral now stands near the execution site. The town where he was born was also renamed after him.

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